Terms and Conditions


Half-hour lesson: £15.00

Hour lesson: £25.00

Home visits extra £5   (I only visit pupils if they are very local to north Enfield)

Lessons are payable 4 in advance.  I'm very happy though to change dates/times provided at least 24 notice is given.  However, if lessons are cancelled at short notice I may have to charge.

Days/times available

I teach on Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs - morning, afternoon and early evening (last lesson usually starting at 7.00pm).

Interval between lessons

Lessons can be weekly, fortnightly or over longer intervals - whatever suits you best.  However, I would recommend weekly for complete beginners as it's very important to get the basics right - I wouldn't want you practicing something in the wrong way for several weeks!


It's essential that you practice regularly between lessons. It's very unlikely that much progress will be made if you just rely on the lessons.  Most of the improvement happens during practice sessions so you need to commit to a regular routine of practice - ideally every day if possible.  However, just 10 minutes spent in good quality practice will reap benefits.  A little often is a good rule - especially for beginners.  For more detail on how to practice see the section 'Guide to Effective Practicing'.