Classical Piano

What can I learn?

You'll soon be learning to play the music of the great composers - Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and many more.

Many beginners think that this music is well beyond them. Well, of course, the more difficult music by these composers takes a long time to master. But what many people don't realise is that they also wrote easier pieces that most beginners can start learning to play within about their first 10 to 15 lessons - depending, of course, on the amount and thoroughness of your practise (see Guide to Effective Practising).

Even if your main aim is to play jazz and blues, some basic grounding in the classics and classical technique will prove invaluable.

For fun or for exams?

All of my pupils are learning to play because they enjoy it. I like to keep it that way.

Many pupils just want to learn to play for fun - and that's absolutely fine. However, some like to have a specific goal to work towards and like the challenge of exams. If this is the case, I can provide all the tuition required for the grade exams (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).

The grade exams do require quite a lot of hard work and it's necessary to follow a specific syllabus (set pieces, scales, arpeggios etc). Some people, especially young children, can find all this rather off-putting and there's a danger that they may be turned off music because they no longer find it enjoyable.

You should therefore think carefully before embarking upon music exams. However, if you or your children generally do well in exams and don't find the pressure too daunting, then I'd be very pleased to ensure that you do the very best that you can in the exams.

Remember, playing a musical instrument should be enjoyable and fun. It's something that can give you pleasure for the rest of your life.